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Commissions Closed

Mon Mar 24, 2014, 8:24 AM
I have a job as a professional illustrator/merchandise designer for Zoo Prague now. That is great, because this work is really fun and exciting! However, I can no longer accept commissions, as all time I could spend drawing or painting I devote to my new job now.

This also means that my main gallery will contain less paintings and drawings now, but I will keep posting crafts that I still create in my free time!

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Commissions status and info

Tue Sep 28, 2010, 5:10 AM

Let's trade llamas!




Commissions: CLOSED by Esveeka


Chibi smiley avatars: 7 USD each
The buyer will receive transparent PNG or/and GIF files of the finished avatar in requested sizes (up to 300x300). You'll pay after you confirm the sketch.
(A vector chibi or painted raster at approximately 1000x1000 resolution are 15 USD per character.)

Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions3 by akelataka Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions4 by akelataka Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions5 by akelataka Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions6 by akelataka

Painted icons: static 15 USD, animated 20 USD
Charmeleon Animation by akelataka Angry Me by akelataka
Savvy Animation by akelataka FenRa Animated Icon by akelataka

One detailed, realistic, full-body character with no background: 70 USD; Head/Bust: 50 USD
Dragon Commission by akelataka Bubak Awara and Daky by akelataka White Tiger by akelataka

Drawings, digitally shaded:
Full body: 30 USD (40 if your character has bird wings), Head 20 USD
Examples: The Scientist by akelataka…

Vector artwork:
Head/bust (icon/badge): Lineart 7 USD, Flat-colored 10 USD, shaded 15 USD

Full body: Lineart 10 USD, Flat-colored 15 USD, shaded 20 USD.

Avyris Con Badge by akelataka CesFur Animals by akelataka
Akela Taka CeSFuR Badge by akelataka RustyFox CeSFuR Conbadge by akelataka…

All prices are per character. I accept PayPal payment (If you have no PayPal, I can accept DA subscription, points, or USA Wii Points/WiiWare Gifts as a payment as well). Note me if interested, thank you!

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Mon Sep 13, 2010, 6:48 AM
Birth By Sleep.

(Do not expect me to be online often :))

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:w00t: Today's Feature is the Hammer-headed Fruit Bat (Hypsignathus monstrosus):w00t:
Czech name: Kaloň kladivohlavý

:heart: The apearance of this fruit bat is so unique that it deserves much more attention than it receives. When I first saw some photos in a book, my first thoughts were: "...SO CUTE, a mix between a sheep, sajga, and a chihuahua!!" And fortunately, this species has some very beautiful pictures here on DeviantArt, too (although they were hard to find), which pleased me, because with no deviations I would not be able to feature this animal.

The hammer-headed bat belongs to the family Pteropodidae, the fruit bats (or flying foxes, or mega bats). They feed on fruits and are the biggest African bats with the wingspan up to 97 cm. Only the males possess the uniquely shaped face which allows them to produce loud, honking calls. Females are much smaller than males and facialy resemble "common" flying foxes.
The males display in a lek arena in densities of more than 100 individuals, allowing females to choose the "best one". Females give birth to one offspring. Like all other bats, they are long-living (counting tens of years). Their IUCN status is Least Concern (not threatened).

(see Wikipedia for more information)

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:The featured artwork::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

Beatiful artwork showing the species in its full beauty...
:thumb149748576: GUESS WHAT? by PsychoDjinn

This picture (if described right) seems to show the female:
Hypsignathus monstrosus by PerfectWaste

Umm... related artwork. (An Octobat?? Oh noes, run for your life!)
Hammerkopfflughund by UweArnold :thumb68229301:

---THE END---

Previous features:
0. Introduction to the FAF project
1. Moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura)
Introduction of the "Forgotten Animals Feature" news project:

This world is full of beautiful animals. The animals that we are most familiar with (and that you see mainly here on DeviantArt) are mammals, usually big and well-known carnivores (wolves, cats) and ungulates (like horses or antelopes). Birds are well appreciated as well, but less attention is given to other vertebrates like amphibians, reptiles and fishes, not mentioning the "invertebrates".

But even among the well known mammals, there are animals that might have slipped your attention. There is about 5,488 species of mammals, most of which are very little known. There is about 9,990 known birds, 8,734 reptiles, 6,347 amphibians and as much as 30,700 described fish species (data taken from IUCN 2008, Invertebrate groups numbers are estimated as follows: 81,000 molluscs, 40,000 crustaceans, 98,000 arachnids (spiders), 2,175 corals and more than 950,000 insects.

It is not in human capability to know them all, yet still, some of these animals are really interesting. And luckily, even some of the least known animals usually have some artwork here on DeviantArt! this is where I come, to choose a random AWESOME :iconimhappyplz: yet unknown animal (or group of animals), write a short description about it's species, relatives and status, and feature all the fine artwork depicting the species found here on DA. I hope it will be both fun and interesting for at least anyone here... and maybe to inspire you to draw some of these animals! ;)

:w00t: So, today's featured animal is.... The moonrat! (Echinosorex gymnura):w00t:
Czech name: Srstín krysí

:heart: Although the Insectivoran family of Erinaceidae, the hedgehogs, is well-known and popular, less is known about its hairy relatives who lack spines. They are called moonrats (or moon rats) and their best known member is the featured moonrat Echinosorex gymnura. There are two other genera of the furry hedgehogs, Hylomys with 5 species and Podogymnura with 2 species, all of wich are called Gymnures in common English and have shorter tail than the moonrat.

Moonrats inhabit moists forests and swamps of Asia. They are nocturnal and insectivorous-carnivorous, feeding mostly on invertebrates, but occasionally feeds on smaller vertebrates and fruits. They can release a strong odour, similar to skunks, with which they mark territories or repel enemies. Adults live alone and females usually give birth to two youngs. Their IUCN status is Least Concern (not threatened).

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:The featured artwork::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue:

The moonrat (Echinosorex gymnura)
Moonrat by vesnet Moon Rat by Arcenic :thumb169690699:

The relatives (Gymnures):
Podogymnura truei by Weaslet

Since they are relatives to hedgehogs, moonrats seem to have a lot of Sonic-style cartoon art:
Sonic char: Mazy The Moonrat by hevamalfoy :thumb170327324:

The extinct Miocene gymnure Deinogalerix koenigswaldi:
Top predators by batworker Judgment of Two Demons by avancna Deinogalerix kongswaldi by LouieGrimm

----the end----

Master's degree

Wed Sep 23, 2009, 5:43 AM
Yep, it's finally here. I passed the (zoological) Master's Exams today. I really, REALLY didn't know how Fire and Alpine salamanders reproduce and I am ashamed like never X__X Yet still, though I would have kicked myself out of the exams...(or, well... give myself at least "3"), I still got "2 - very good"!

Now it's time for celebration!


Here's a little something about the exam itself:
I was asked about human ectoparasites (kind of knew this), hagfishes (Myxini; I didn't know how they use their single nostrils to pump water into their branchiae), behaviorism, water mammals (where the hell dugongs and manatees live? BTW this was the first time ever I saw the whalebones. They are FURRY!! ^^), monogamy in primates (a question repeated many times....gets boring eventually) and finally the almost-fatal viviparity in amphibians. When we were late for about 10 minutes and some of the examiners started to complain because they also wanted to have a lunch today, the chairman asked me some final questions about evolution; What are the positives of sexual reproduction (I knew all the negatives... but a positive? O.o Maybe if I wasn't asexual I would have remembered the other way round...) and scenarios of speciation (I was dead from the amphibians already and I couldn't remember the terms- allopatry, sympatry etc. if my life depended on it. But when I was told the terms, I assigned them to the right scenarios. Brain can play hard sometimes XD).

Now it only takes few months till the degree ceremony and you may call me "Mgr. Akela Taka"!! :-D

And this is the whole story. Anyways, I hope that I will have more time for art this year. I would really love to finally return to the "real art", and instead of doing just other people's characters as trades or commissions, I will, once again, draw from my heart. I was so very inspired during past days... ^^

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I have enough respondents now! Thank you all very much for your participation! Later on, we'll test other groups of animals, so I will let you know when I need your help again. I will also post the results of this work once everything is done!


I'm looking for volunteers to join our science project: We study how human aesthetic feelings affect animal conservation, and how humans of all nations differ (or alas are not different at all) in such preferences.

What I'm asking you to do is very simple and takes only few minutes. A set of 190 pictures of all existing non-passerine birds (some songbirds included) is being tested right now. Here's a quick summary:

:pointr: Register on a given website, answering some personal questions; but everything being fully anonymous
:pointr: Watch series of 32 picture thumbnails before scoring itself to get the idea about diversity of the full set
:pointr: Score this 32 picture series with numbers 1-5 (1 being the most beautiful) according to your personal preferences and likes
:pointr: Repeat the process of watching thumbnails and scoring pictures of 32 until all 190 birds are scored

If you are interested to help us, please comment here or send me a note. Either way, I'll note you the website address and access password. I'll be very grateful to get as many respondents as possible!

If you could spread this to your friends or families, or journals, again, that would be very much appreciated.

And now a little advertisement :) Here's a list of our publications of similar projects:
:pointr:Noah's Ark is full of common species attractive to humans: The case of boid snakes in zoos
:pointr:We all Appreciate the Same Animals: Cross-Cultural Comparison of Human Aesthetic Preferences for Snake Species in Papua New Guinea and Europe
:pointr:Are Animals In Zoos Rather Conspicuous Than Endangered?


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Wed Apr 1, 2009, 9:15 AM
I've changed my icon temporarily to join Jaole in the fight! Click here for more info:…
The template:…

Come and join our side!! ^__^

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Mass Art Theft at

Tue Feb 10, 2009, 7:47 AM
There are lots of 11-years old n00bs (that is children who know nothing about copyright but want to create a website of their own) that keep stealing pictures from DeviantArt or Google, posting it on their blogs, editing with their names on etc. If they ever link the source, it's another such blog with stolen picture (because, of course, their fellow n00bs need to get the credit for stealing the pictures first).

Even though I know this is just a child's play, I am being tired of how much this has spread lately. I keep reporting my own pictures (and they go down immediately once I report them), but it irritates me how selfish such thieves usually are (not all of them, of course, some even apologize - but usually just to me, but then keep stealing foreign artist's artwork again). Often they turn out on me as how they "used to like my pictures" but now hate them...
One girl even stole my nickname and now has a blog under my name full of stolen pictures.

Sometimes, these people even "roleplay" me... once I got a message from person I didn't know, she said that we talked back then on a website I have never visited. Then I understood it wasn't me who she was talking to, but somebody who claimed to be me.

I've decided to stop this, or at least a little bit slow it down. I'm willing to report each and every blog that contains stolen pictures drawn by you fellow artists, as long as I can find the originals (which is not usually very hard - these people keep stealing always the same pictures anyways... Khaosdog's, Wildspiritwolf's, Goldenwolf's etc...). All I need is your expression that you disallow the use of your pictures for such purposes, like editing and not linking them back, or disallow posting them AT ALL. If you can write such statement somewhere I can link to, possibly into this journal (or even give me link to your website where such statement is), I will report the people myself. I know this won't stop the thievery, but I hope that this will at least annoy the thieves enough to finally learn the manners.

Here are sample links of the blogs. If you find your picture there and want to put it down, please, write it in here. Thank you!

On the other hand, if you are OK with your artwork being used this way, please tell me. I won't hunt down websites that contain your pictures.……… (TaniDaReal's Pictures signed by "Merrow"...) (JC's pictures here)… (lots of Okami stolen pictures here, including :iconeic:'s)…

etc.... I could go on...

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I have this question in mind and I am seeking an answer (I already asked at Yahoo answers but didn't get the reply I needed X__X):

If I use "their" in a sentence with singular subject instead of his/her, is that grammatically correct? Could I use it in literary-language written documents? And is it usable in American or English English, or both?

Example of such sentence: "Flaming Meerca runs at you with a funny looking but dangerous looking Stone Fire Body Basher raised over their head!"

If there is anybody who knows the answer, please, tell me. Or I won't sleep calmly tonight X__X

EDIT: Thank you ALL for your thorough answers. Thanks to you, I finally understood this. :hug::hug::hug:!!!

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Commissions info

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 1, 2008, 11:02 AM

Commission status: OPEN for small commissions like chibi icons and character portraits; CLOSED for too detailed and complicated digital art.
Art Trades: Exceptionally.
Free Requests: Never unless I offer.

Chibi smiley avatars: 7 USD each
I raised the price to 7 USD for each chibi icon as the US dollar went down a lot... but I am opened for commissions again!
The buyer will receive transparent PNG or/and GIF files of the finished avatar in requested sizes (up to 300x300). You'll pay after you confirm the sketch.


More examples:
Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions2 by akelataka Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions3 by akelataka Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions4 by akelataka Chibi Icon-Avatar Commissions5 by akelataka

If you are interested in regular commissions I take, like fully painted digital pictures, detailed characters without bg or painted avatar icons, see for more information about them and prices.

I accept PayPal payment.

Clubs I am in:…
My IRL friends on DeviantArt:…

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...YAY! My vector picture with random carnivorous animals… was chosen as a Daily Deviation by lemontea! Thank you so very much!!! :love:

Thinking about it... it's really weird how one can try their best at some pictures, be proud of the ones which they consider to be their masterpieces... but which never become a DD. And then, suddenly, a quickly done piece with only little effort in it becomes a DD. Whoah :-D Life's just great. Thank you all for your support during the years I spent here on DeviantArt!

Recently, I searched YouTube for my stolen pictures, because the sketchy animation with flying Akela Taka that I made some time ago spreads so fast that almost every video with winged or flying wolves has it. I found a large number of videos using my pictures. I contacted the authors. Usually they reply back with something like "I didn't know it was stolen as I found it on Google/PhotoBucket", but whenever they apologize, promise to give me credit and never do the same mistake again, I let them use the picture. But let's see what some authors are able to reply on my note asking for the removal of my own picture from their video:

The pic you are talking about, the one in the thunder and lightning storm, with the view of the hoof, correct? 1. I found that on google 2. I can't change the vid if I wanted to anyway because 3. I've lost over 80% of the pictures I've used in my videos. (unfortunately) which means I've also lost that video to my other computer. Now I don't mean to sound rude or offending in anyway, but that is the case. And you really can't say anything, that vid has been on for nearly a year ...
... and I wouldn't change the video anyway, its my best yet. Sorry

Thank you



Guess what?
I just thought that you should know this: The person who undoubtedly told you about my video, Kuwaizair, has been bullying me on dA and now YT. And you have joined her side? YouTube is different than dA. Millions of people have done things without the original owner's permission, and kuwaizair is only out to get me? Wanna know why? Because she constantly bothered my sister, saying mean things, and my sister exploded. Then, she got banned. When I went to go and defend my LITTLE SISTER, Kuwaizair started being mean to me, and my friends. My best friend on dA, SwiftergirlXD, left because of Kuwaizair. Yes, I'll make a video response without your animation. But just know that the one who told you is a terrible person, determined to hurt others.



I'm SICK of seeing my artwork everywhere on PhotoBucket and in YT videos. What is the point in stealing the same pictures again and again? It's not original anymore, they are everywhere, the Internet is overfilled with them; So please, DON'T do it.
Well, I just needed a new journal, so... I'll list here all my real life friends so I can keep watching them, heheh ;)



Clubs I am in:…
I have to tell you that deciding winners in this contest was the hardest thing I had to decide ever in my life :) With the great help of my friends,
:iconlaprasek: and :iconnera-akkari:, we finally decided the winners... and here they are! ^^

The 1st prize: Paint The Sky… by :icondragonwolfstryde:
In the end, we had four images to choose the first prize from. It was the hardest decision, but finally, Paint The Sky by Dragonwolfstryde was chosen. Mainly because of the originality of the idea - painting the sky with my wings - it touched all of us judges ^^ The idea itself was also painted very well, I can nearly imagine myself really flying out there and making the nothern lights. Congratulations, Stryde, you get a fully digitally painted request of one of your characters with detailed background!

After choosing the first prize winner, I had to choose the random-prize winner. I wrote down all names of the images on little papers, mixed them all in a pot, and chose the winner:
Random prize: Night Eye… by :iconchanger-the-elder:
Congratulations, Changer, you get a digitally painted request of one of your characters without background :)

Because there was a lot of entries, I finally decided to add some prizes. So the 2nd, 3rd and 4th prizes are simply colored requests of one of your characters without background. The prizes go to the authors of the three pictures that we were choosing the first prize winner from, and they are:

The 2nd place: Aurora Borealis… by :iconkaimana:
This picture really follows the contest's theme, "dramatic use of colors". The drawing of the wolf itself is really well done, the idea is great, and overally it is some beautiful piece of work. The main reason this picture didn't win the 1st prize was that the wolf is too dark, especially the white wings would deserve some dramatical green reflection.

The 3rd place: Akela Taka… by :icontigzz:
What really touched me in this picture is the great shadow on the wall. Also the coloration of the ground adds so much of dramatical feeling to the picture, simply the "dramatical use of colors" is greatly depicted here. Points down are for the light reflection on the wolf, which didn't work out so well.

The 4th place: In The Canopy… by :iconwindseeker:
You can see yourself why this picture is winning, it has a great detail and some amazing use of shadows, too. I myself think that Windseeker chose REALLY hard theme to depict; Forest lights are not easy to paint, and you need a lot of skills to keep the picture in order, otherwise the shadows can be really confusing. Windseeker handled this out very well. Minus points are for the "photographic" background and for the trunk shadows don't really fit the shadowing of the wings.

And now finally, the 5th-9th prizes - a pencil sketch of a character of yours - go to the following:

The 5th place:… by :iconwindancer53:
The 6th place:… by :iconamazonwolf:
The 7th place:… by :iconzowolf:
The 8th place:… by :iconramala:
The 9th place:… by :iconteltoli:

Congratulations to all the winners! I'll be notifying them all... later today, after I eat my lunch. Ehm ^^
I am sorry if you didn't win, but the decision was really hard, because all of the entry images were simply amazing. Thank you all very much for your part, and I hope to see you next time in some other contest.... maybe your own? ;)

....and... that's all for now. Expect a lot of new images from me soon... I'm ready to draw your prizes! Whaah!

Link to the clubs I am in:…

The contest is over!

Thu Sep 1, 2005, 3:46 AM
Oh yes, the contest is over now ^^ I am not accepting any new entries. All you have to do now is to wait patiently till I decide the winners... ;) (I hope it will be sometimes... today ^^; )

I am holding a contest now!  I've always wanted to do it, because there are many of you who'd like a picture from me but have no money... and nothing in this world would please me more than drawing a picture for each of you, but you know that it's not possible. So at least some chance be given to you by this ^^

:pokeball: The deadline: The end of August
Yes, till the 31st of August. That's plenty of time. (And possibly I'll have some time to fulfil the prizes by then, also ;))

:pokeball: The prizes:
1st prize: Fully digitally painted picture with one of your characters and detailed background
2nd-5th prize: Pencil drawing of your character.
+ A special prize of picture of one of your characters fully colored without  a background goes to a randomly selected participant, so even when you are not really skilled artist, you still have some chance to win!

:pokeball: So, what exactly should you draw? (+Rules)
There are two main "themes" you can choose from:

Dramatic use of colors
Draw my character, Akela Taka (well, you didn't expect anything else, did you?  ^^;), in a scene with a dramatic use of colors. Strong shadows, strong highlights, that's what I want (Man, I want that much! :XD:). You may set the scene into a sunrise/sunset, or into a fire, or into a dark place that's alighted with just a little strong sunlight.  Think of whatever you want, as long as it has "dramatic use of colors", it's allright with me ^__^ (and with this theme chosen ;))
I think that colors are one of the most beautiful and heart touching things in this world, and if you can use them right, you can create a masterpiece. I myself try to play with colors a lot, but I am still learning. If you are learning it too, take this as a chance to practice :)

For those of you who can't use colors well or just don't want to, there's another theme you can work on:

Fanart Character
Make a picture of my character, Akela Taka, interacting with a character from a movie, TV-show or such. (For example, a Disney character, a character from Balto, Spirit, Pokémon, Digimon etc.) OR you can make a picture of my chacater drawn in the style of a specific cartoon (i.e. Care Bears, Powerpuff girls, Simpsons etc., whatever you can think of!).

Note: You can add your own character to the picture, just make sure you keep the contests theme.

The REFERENCE PICTURE of my character can be found here:…

:pokeball: Now the rules:
1) Please make the picture viewable for children's eyes
2)You can send as many entries as you want
3) Well, I think that's it. If my mind comes across some other rules later, I'll add them :)

:pokeball: The judgeing:
I'll judge the pictures myself. (No voting... because once again, I want NOT this to be a contest of popularity) I'll judge the originality, the composition, the use of colors, and anything that a picture can be judged for.

All of the entry images will be displayed on my website (

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry on, take a pencil, brush and colors, and participate!

:pokeball: The prizes:
1st prize: Fully digitally painted picture with one of your characters and detailed background

2nd-5th prize: Pencil drawing of your character.
+ A special prize of picture of one of your characters fully colored without  a background goes to a randomly selected participant, so even when you are not really skilled artist, you still have some chance to win!

:pokeball: Contest entries:

Dramatic use of colors:
By :iconramala:…
By :iconstarstricken-disaste:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :icontigzz:…
By :iconkaimana:…
By :iconfallenxangel1123:…
By :iconzowolf:…
By :iconpoldallelovesnare:…
By :iconamazonwolf:…
By :iconwendy-lou:…
By :iconakireru:…
By :iconblackwolfdiamond:…
By :iconart-paperfox:…
By :icondragonwolfstryde:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :iconwlker-wolf:…
By :iconcybercatmia:…
By :iconarizeya:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :iconwindseeker:…
By :icont-m-wolf:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :iconkaimana:…
By :iconteltoli:…

FanArt Character:
By :iconpoldallelovesnare:…
By :iconwindancer53:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :iconradinka:…
By :iconchaselee-lia:…
By :iconedgefan-talon:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By :iconchanger-the-elder:…
By Evan:

Link to the clubs I am in:…

Link to the clubs I am in:…
I am opened for commissions now ^___^ I updated my  website's layout and added the information on commissions, so if you are interested, please go there:

And I am closed for art trades at the time being, I still have some in queue to finish.

Link to the clubs I am in:…
Because many of you keep asking me how I paint my pictures, I made a tutorial!  I used this years' Christmas card as an example picture. You can find it on my website in the tutorials section ;)
There was a big Pokémon meeting yesterday in Prague, and so I met new Pokémon friends that I know only from the Internet in real life :) And I also got a very rare PTCG card from a friend of mine, that is hand signed by Mitsuhiro Arita, my favorite Pokémon artist who paints Pokémon for the PTCG! Yay! It made my day, really ;)

Link to the clubs I am in:…
Clubs I have joined:
:iconokami-pack: :iconpokemorphs: :iconczech: :iconartofthepawandfang: :iconbb-castle: :iconbalto-quest: :iconrenamon-fan-club: :icondeviantquest: :iconpokenines: :iconpraha: :iconbambi-fans: :icondisneydreamers: :iconclassicxdisneyxclub: :iconzoounity: :icondeviantartairforce:

(Note: I removed icons of dead clubs)